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Edra Boa Sofa

Edra Boa Sofa. Made with a series of arms interwoven on a total length of 120 meters which make it like a big nest where you can rest. So, you know, about one blob sofa.) according to the website, the boa isn't just a couch.

Edra Boa Sofa
Edra Boa Sofa from

Edra is an exclusive brand for minima dublin,london. In our collection of edra sofas there are many options to choose from, although red editions of this piece are particularly popular. Today it is known all over the world for the absolute quality of its products, that join artistic tradition, technological research, high manual expertise and very high quality materials.

Edra Creates Exclusive And Timeless Products Since Always.

The sofa has no structure but consists of about 120 meters of tubular filled whit flexible and breathable polyurethane chips, knotted by specialised expertise. Fisher cites the sofa edra calls “boa” for its projection of the past as live archetypal energy, and the future, as creative force. Jenner bought the boa by edra, an aptly named, wackadoo product that resembles a pile of boa constrictors that got all tangled up in each other, if boa constrictors were made of shiny blue velvet.

Boa Is A Padded, Frameless Sofa Made Of Approximately 100 Metres Of Tubing Filled With Elastic Polyurethane And Goose Down, Knotted In.

The boa is similar to a nest. Represents both a gentle hug and a high nth degree movement. The edra boa sofa, borns by the fantasy of fernando and humberto campana, is absolutely one of the most original sofas on the market.

Boa, Ein Polsterelement Ohne Festes Gestell, Ist Aus Einem Ca.

The tubes with which is made the edra boa sofa are, internally, filled with breathable and elastic polyurethane. An invitation to explore different positions lying between its pillows. A soft and cozy boa velvet devoid of structure, which is knotted and intertwined at will, to offer an ideal solution for relaxation.

As An Infinite Straw, This Long Tube Is Knotted, Giving You The Ultimate In Comfort And Exclusivity.

With no frame, it consists of. You can sit on it, lie down or curl up. Edra furniture prices and promotions direct from italy.

There Are 2 Vintage Versions Of These Items In Stock, While There Is 0 Modern Edition To Choose From As Well.

The piece was designed by fernando and humberto campana, and edra describes it as a large woven nest. it features no structure, and you can bury. The couch is the work of edra,. Boa is a velvet sofa that represents a large woven nest.‎ a soft embrace.‎ an invitation to explore different positions lying between its pillows.‎ you can sit on it, lie down or curl up.‎ with no frame, it consists of 120 meters of tube filled with flexible and breathable polyurethane with a.


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